NAI/Merin Hunter Codman Has Gone to the Dogs

MHC Real Leaders volunteer at Big Dog Ranch Rescue

It’s true, NAI/Merin Hunter Codman has gone to the dogs… well, at least the company’s social service team did. MHC Real Leaders spent Friday, May 19, at Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s new facility. Big (and little) Dog Ranch Rescue is the largest no-kill dog rescue in the Southeastern United States. Over 10 years ago, Big Dog Ranch Rescue began as Florida Weimaraner Rescue and in 2008 expanded to rescue all dog breeds. Since then, they have saved over 12,000 innocent dogs and puppies who would not have survived without their intervention. Big Dog Ranch Rescue’s primary goal is to save even more lives and the space to do so was the most significant hurdle. Through an outpouring of community support and donations, the Ranch has begun construction on their dream facility – a cage-free, life-saving campus.

NAI/Merin Hunter Codman’s Real Leaders team was able to tour some of the newly constructed facilities and were blown away. The new campus is designed to have everything dogs need to recover from pre-existing medical conditions and become well-balanced dogs with space to roam, play and grow in a cage-free environment. The new indoor “bunk houses” include individual, climate-controlled 12’x12’ rooms allowing dogs to cohabitate without stress, in comfortable home-like environments. Turf-bound green spaces, complete with dog-friendly ponds, water sprinklers, and shade trees adjoin each bunkhouse. Their planned state-of-the-art veterinary healing facility will provide life-saving services to the injured and ill, offer affordable spay/neuter and general veterinary care. Big Dog Ranch Rescue is also building innovative puppy pods which will provide a safe haven for puppies and pregnant moms to give birth, where they will be nurtured and raised until ready to find their forever homes. The campus will also feature an in-take, education and welcome center and they plan to provide educational programs and obedience training. The Welcome Center is planned to open by the end of this summer.

Big Dog Ranch Rescue is a true Palm Beach County treasure who’s success is attributed to local volunteers and philanthropists. Like NAI/Merin Hunter Codman Real Leaders, volunteers come to the Ranch to assist in the daily care of the dogs, so that adoption counselors are free to finalize adoptions and to ensure all the dogs are fed, have daily exercise and loving companionship. Typical volunteer duties include bathing, grooming, exercise, signature event support, cleaning, laundry, and organization. Visit their website or their new campus located at 1930 D Road in Loxahatchee to learn more about how you can help.

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