NAI/Merin Hunter Codman Partners with BDB to Facilitate Economic Development Efforts

Palm Beach County, FL – In collaboration with city, county, and state partners, the Business Development Board (BDB) works to leverage the County’s extraordinary assets by promoting the expansion of existing businesses and attracting new ones to the area. The BDB also receives support from hundreds of local companies, like NAI/Merin Hunter Codman, that invest in Palm Beach County’s economy through the BDB’s economic development efforts because they all have one powerful shared vision of the future. These combined efforts contribute to the prosperity of the County by providing quality jobs for our citizens, fostering economic growth and delivering a vibrant community that is a premier business destination.

The power of partnerships in Palm Beach County is so strong and assists the BDB’s mission of attracting and retaining jobs and businesses in Palm Beach County. This has a return of investment in better infrastructure, a top-notch workforce, and a higher quality of life for everyone. There are also 20 industry specific task forces, 30 events, and dozens of initiatives that are facilitated each year to bring academia and business leaders together.

Just within the past five years, the BDB has assisted companies that have created more than 12,822 direct jobs with average salaries greater than $69,062, resulting in more than $777 million in capital investment to Palm Beach County and an economic impact that exceeds $6.87 billion.

Kelly Smallridge, President and CEO of the Business Development Board said, “Our private business investors recognize that a vibrant economy benefits the residents and businesses in Palm Beach County, providing increased tax revenues, good quality jobs, and creating new economic activity with long-lasting prosperity for all.”

Economic Development in all its various disciplines is vital to Palm Beach County’s competitiveness. It’s because of the County’s collaborative environment that we’re able to live, work, and raise families in the ideal business location. The Business Development Board thanks all of its partners and investors for supporting economic development. Together, we all win in Palm Beach County.

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